Major Projects

IMG_3276Grand Slam Golf

The phone rang in my office in early 1990 and George Peper, who was then Editor-in-Chief of Golf Magazine was on the line. George and I had recently met at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, where he had mentioned how much he liked the work I was doing for what was then called Southern Links Magazine for my good friend Mark Brown. George had just finished his extremely popular book, Golf Courses of the PGA Tour, published by Harry Abrams and Co., and was ready to get rolling on his new title Grand Slam Golf. He wanted to create a publication that featured all of the courses where the four major tournaments had been played. He asked how I felt about traveling overseas and shooting the ROTA—all of the courses where THE Open had been played. Needless to say, I took the job!

One of my fondest memories as a young man from Enid, Oklahoma was to be in New York City the week our book was released, and to see copies of the book literally lining the walls of the Rizzoli bookstore in the lower level of the Winter Garden in The World Trade Center.

IMG_3250Golf Resorts of the World

While I was still finishing up Grand Slam Golf, I was called by Margaret Kaplan to see if I might be interested in another project for Harry Abrams. I was told that my friend, Brian McCallen, would be doing the writing and we would be featuring all of the Golf Magazine Gold and Silver Medalist resorts around the world. In the end, we featured nearly 100 resorts in twenty-five countries. If I didn’t have a huge case of wanderlust before this project, I certainly did afterward. Working on this book was the biggest, most demanding project I ever encountered; but, it was definitely the most fun!

A typical itinerary from that time might look like this: OKC to DFW;DFW to Honolulu; Honolulu to Cairns, Australia; Cairns to Brisbane; Brisbane to Sydney; Sydney to Bangkok; Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur; KL to Bali; Bali to Djakarta; Djakarta to Tokyo; Tokyo to Dallas; and Dallas back to OKC… and a two-hour drive back home to Enid. Wow, what a trip!

IMG_3247Celebrating Oklahoma!

I was honored to be named the Official Photographer of the Oklahoma Centennial in 2005. In addition to golf assignments, I spent 20 months traveling across my home state, photographing landscapes, events, people and places in every county. This historic book presents Oklahoma as you have never seen it before. Celebrating Oklahoma! contains hundreds of spectacular photographs captured on a remarkable journey—as well as little known facts about our nation’s 46th state and memories from nearly fifty famous Oklahomans.

Celebrating Oklahoma was a finalist in the Oklahoma Book Awards Book of the Year Contest and has sold over 18,000 copies around the globe. In addition to photography for this book, our team of four oversaw writing, designing, marketing, sales and fulfillment of this volume.

IMG_3241Celebrating Enid!

Soon after completion of the Celebrating Oklahoma! project I was contacted by my friend Brent Kisling, newly appointed director of economic development for my hometown of Enid, Oklahoma. Our discussions lead to the production of a stunning 160-page book that captured the essence of our little city of 50,000 in northwest Oklahoma, and its surroundings—documenting its colorful history and showcasing highlights of Enid today.

The project was underwritten by sponsorships and presales to businesses and individuals. As a part of our agreement, all photographs created for the book were also available for use in brochures, billboards, websites or any promotional materials by the City for tourism, business recruitment, and as a part of a total rebranding effort of the community.

Kalida Art-0060Hunzicker Brothers Lighting

The Hunzicker CEO had seen my work at other locations around the state and called me to see if I might be interested in working with him to brand the walls of his recently remodeled corporate headquarters in Oklahoma City. It was his wish to show two important concepts on their walls—their history and their product quality. Their company had participated in many of the premier construction projects around the state throughout their nearly 100-year history, making them a key player in the lighting industry. Also, what they sold to their customers was more than a mere commodity, but really more like art. What a fun project!

After spending several days wandering their warehouses photographing wiring, conduit, wire nuts, lighting fixtures and copper tubing and also traveling the state photographing a number of large buildings lighted with Hunzicker’s products, I was delighted to capture their history and their quality for a powerful display on their corporate walls.

ICIO Panels-0024Integris Cancer Institute of Oklahoma

This prestigious facility in Oklahoma City contacted my business partner in a sister company, Randy Alvarado, about supplying artwork for their soon-to-be opened project. They were specifically looking for photographs that would provide a welcoming and calming effect on patients, families and employees of this outpatient cancer facility. Working through our archives of Oklahoma and nature photography, we were able to accommodate their need for over 450 pieces of art and meet their tight deadline.

Although the facility was completed nearly four years ago, we still receive messages from patients about how much our artwork impacts their healing process and from employees of the facility who appreciate how the photographs brighten their day-to-day environment as they work with cancer patients. We will always be grateful to be a part of this wonderful, healing facility.

IHE_0020Integris Health Edmond

After the opening of the Integris Cancer Institute, construction began on the new Integris Health Edmond Complex. Avilla WIlliams contacted us to discuss their project and to lay out the goals for the artwork they wanted. As with any healthcare facility, the key word was “calming,” but we also wanted to celebrate the local area and create a sense of tranquility by showing iconic, local images and elements from nature to let patients know that they were dealing with caring friends—not complete strangers.

The unique setting of this complex includes a glass curtain wall surrounded by a grove of black jack oak and western red cedar trees. By reflecting the views out the windows with nature imagery on the inside walls, we were able to help Integris create a serene feeling in their space. We are proud of the 350+ images hung in this facility—one that is more reminiscent of a Four Seasons hotel in its design than of what one might expect from a health care facility.

enid renaissanceEnid Renaissance Project

After deciding to do a complete remodel on their 80’s-era offices, Enid City Manager Eric Benson called to talk about how we could work together to improve their space. He appreciated the energy and vibrancy of the Celebrating Enid! book and wanted to capture that within their office space. Outtakes from the book were used to create approximately 200 framed pieces, chosen specifically to showcase the best of our city to those that visit the City building.

One of our hopes was to create an environment where visitors to the building were getting a virtual tour of our community by walking the hallways of the City Offices. Feedback since the installation has been positive—guests are learning about Enid’s major industries, museums, cultural assets, public art, real estate developments, celebrations and parades every time they visit the building.



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