Integris Edmond Health Center

We began our work at Integris Edmond Health Center approximately one year prior to its opening. Working directly with the Chief Executive and marketing staff of the hospital, we spent two full days reviewing the plans and learning every nuance of the design of the facility along with traffic patterns, mindset of patients in each room and corridor, and the actual functionality of each room of the facility. Taking this information and our notes, we then spent several days creating a plan showing placement and size of all of the pieces in the hospital which included a pricing outline for budgeting purposes. Once the budget was accepted, several weeks of intense local shooting commenced to produce imagery that was local and welcoming to the patients and employees of the hospital. Upon completion of photography, a short meeting to get approval from the client on photos approved for the install we agreed upon. We then decided where each image would appear within the scheme of size and placement we had developed earlier and began printing, framing and assembling all of the nearly 350 pieces. We also install each piece ensuring laser precise



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