Cimarron Palisades

Cimarron Palisades Freedom, Oklahoma...

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Cimarron Morning

Cimarron Morning Selmon Ranch, Oklahoma...

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Doe and Fawn

Doe and Fawn Nescatunga, Oklahoma...

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El Yunque River

El Yunque River El Yunque River...

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Golden Verga

Golden Verga Goltry, Oklahoma...

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Liquid Ice

Liquid Ice Nescatunga, Oklahoma...

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Passing Storm

Passing Storm Goltry, Oklahoma...

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Spring Storm

Spring Storm Carmen, Oklahoma...

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Vivid Moonrise

Vivid Moonrise McWillie, Oklahoma...

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Note: the text in the cutout area at the bottom of the matte will be the image title and location
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photography by Mike Klemme
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