Grand Slam Golf

Grand Slam Golf

Grand Slam Golf

The phone rang in our office in early 1990 and George Peper, who was then Editor in Chief of Golf Magazine was on the line. George and I had recently met at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando and he had mentioned that he liked the work I had been doing for what was then called Southern Links Magazine for my good friend Mark Brown. George had just finished his extremely popular book, Golf Courses of the PGA Tour published by Harry Abrams and Co. and was ready to get rolling on his new title Grand Slam Golf, a publication that featured all of the courses where the four major tournaments had been played. He asked how I felt about traveling overseas and shooting the ROTA, all of the courses where THE Open had been played. Needless to say, I took the job! One of my fondest memories as a young man from Enid, Oklahoma was to be in NYC the week that the book was released and to see copies of the book literally lining the walls of the Rizzoli bookstore in the lower level of the Winter Garden in The World Trade Center.

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